5 Tips for Healthier Holidays

by Emily Williamson

During the holidays, it’s easy to let your workout routine get interrupted by travel and a crammed pack schedule. Meanwhile, your intentions to eat healthy get overpowered by gravy and pecan pie. Tucking two-hour workouts in between flights and festivities is no more a reality than altogether avoiding tasty treats of the season. However, making a few small changes can go along to keeping yourself in gear from now until the new year. To help make your holidays just a little bit healthier, we put together a list of 5 simple tips for the upcoming season:

  1. Jog a 5K or 10K Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run.
  2. Add a healthy dish or two to your turkey feast (check this Paleo Recipes Pinterest board for Paleo Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Potato Casserole, this Healthy Recipes for Gluten-Free Quinoa Stuffing and Vegan Green Bean Casserole or this Leafy Green board for flavorful leaf dishes. Oh, and don’t forget the Vegetable Thanksgiving Turkey on this Kid’s Healthy Recipes board)!
  3. Stay hydrated by carrying a BPA-free water bottle with you when you hit the Black Friday sales
  4. Counter your calorie consumption with a weekend workout at Rainier Health & Fitness
  5. If traveling, try out one of these simple workouts to keep your body fit and flexible.

Emily Williamson works at Rainier Health and Fitness. Her own experience of suffering a back injury and recovering through exercises prescribed by a chiropractor who doubles as a CrossFit instructor gave her a passion for helping others experience life fully through fitness.