Sunday Stew: You Are Loved

by Mahogany Cherrelle

If I had a loud speaker I would tell you you are loved and your value was never meant to be found in a verdict anyway
Don’t assess your worth based on others’ hate
My brother, stand tall because you are a child of the greatest of all
The Father of lights so don’t be blinded by the darkness
Consumed by rage and shame
Anoint yourself with oil daily and brother, gird your waist
You are brilliant, compassionate, and possess wisdom beyond your days
You are unshakeable, irreplaceable, and beautiful and unbreakable
Made in the image of God woman came from you and child from her womb
You see it all started with you, brother know your roots
It’s only fitting that it end the same so stand up and take your place
At the head never the tail
At the top, never the bottom
Not to be forgotten because you are the apple of His eye
The Word says, blessed are the poor and blessed are those who mourn
So don’t be surprised, brother, that your crown comes with thorns

Painting by Afshin Naghouni

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