Christmas Brings Controversial Comedy to South Seattle

by Staff Writer

The controversial comedy that has strained already tenuous relations between the United States and North Korea- even leading President Obama to extol the virtues of frat boy humor- will be landing in South Seattle on Christmas Day.

Columbia City’s Ark Lodge Cinemas will be one of only five movie theaters in Washington state to show “The Interview.”

The Seth Rogen and James Franco vehicle deals with the attempted assassination of North Korea’s dictator, and was at the center of last week’s Sony Studio hacking scandal.

Sony had originally planned to cancel the Christmas day release of the film after hackers- allegedly associated with the North Korean government- threatened repercussions for any theater showing the film.

The studio abruptly reversed course after a storm of public criticism against the initial decision. In an unprecedented move Sony made the film available for streaming online in addition to releasing it in a few hundred theaters nationwide.

“This is America man. We shouldn’t be living in fear because some dictator with a Napoleon complex can’t take a joke,” said James Norton, a South Seattle resident who intends to see the film at the Ark Lodge.

As much as the film’s roll out has been a debacle for Sony, it’s been that much more of a boon to South Seattle’s only movie theater.  All showings of “The Interview” have sold out forcing the theater to add an additional screening.

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