Sunday Stew: Folks of Great Fortune

by Lavon Ford


For me this life is not a game, it can be dangerous,  it can be special, and it can be absolutely wonderful; but it is a collision course controlled it seems by the
evil powers that be in total control, a token I think
to want to destroy people like me, my family, and society as a whole.
I really wonder how that could be.

History has taught me I am the realest man because anytime the strong in time prey on the weak it’s a disgraceful thing
no matter how much mistakes I do make trying to impress upon you my fate  of goodwill
you isn’t no better than me as a bigger shyster.
I can’t be getting angry at common folk who continue to tell me I owe you.

What is it! I reiterate I owe you what because
no one thing I does can make you feel better; except for in my death
I won’t  be around no more to make you remember,
what you were made to forget. Now it’s time to break
the bottles open and celebrate being misunderstood folks
Because it feels good to say hooray, we’ve already won the battle.

I am indeed a folk of great fortune because I can turn
the source of weakness around  and make
this disadvantage my strength over and over because I am stronger.
I don’t want to resort to senseless violence ever,
if I don’t have to; I just waste my energy trying to
prove what already many men and woman of my generation
like already tried to ask for freedom both tragedy and turmoil.
Yet one thing that I do know those hear me. Sure it appear so,
but you are not really in control as so you hoped all along.

Ask yourself or another person in you group if your folks
were originally so in control today, then why are them folks
spending billions of dollars trying to do away with a race folks
who just keep getting born again and again since the beginning of the source.


Today I stick with promoting unity now a day
because drama is too much to a burden to bear.
And money is definitely not worth dying to obtain,
burning bridges, or betraying friends, associates and family.
Before when there was more than enough
wealth in the economy, yet these folks in reality
whom have advance on the backs of wealth in the world                           do not want to share all that glory, but none of us own it
that is why from the cradle to the grave we all go,
and diamond necklaces can poison a weak soul
then people started to throw each
other under the bus, arguing, backbiting,
and fighting with each other over absolutely nothing worth fighting for.

I wonder if now that these hard times as real
as they think that they are going to get
because even now we can see examine
what the source of bigots can bring to the table
absolutely nothing but harm, pity, and shame
My question is do to all the greed and false hope,
witchcraft being distributed down the pipeline of broken promises ever get old.

I think about how can I help those folks,
who get offered a little something like hope,
and they can use a little bit more relief in their lives threshold.
Though and though by granted the free gift of both hope and compassion this can give them the right approach
to strive not to be so petty or bitter.

So them and me, you can start to appreciate
the unseen lord’s glory, as the greatest gifts to reward
they come for free things like hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family,
sleeping, love, laughter, good memories.
Please keep each other in mind as we join this struggle
to endure and survive the greatest evil times of our lives
just like our associates can do.

To give a little more to someone else
whose lives in need is so special, that it helped, boosted us up
though times of both tragedy and turmoil as a grateful people.
As well as assisted developing a cool code of virtues.
For ethnics, religion, or race form showing a real love for humanity and people of all colors;
so I wrote this for whomever reads this shall see,
that you can truly believe and become some folks of great fortune.