South End Home to Seattle’s First “Weed Vending Machine”

by Staff Writer

American Green will debut its automated, consumer-operated, ID-verifying marijuana dispensing machine, ZaZZZ, inside Seattle Caregivers medical dispensary in South Seattle on Tuesday, Feb. 3.

As the first self-service marijuana vending machine in Washington State, ZaZZZ will be stocked by Seattle Caregivers with a wide range of medicinal and recreational marijuana flowers, pot-infused edibles and merchandise. The machine is equipped with an advanced ID-scanner to verify a users identity, age and additional data before dispensing selected items. ZaZZZ is also temperature controlled to keep its product fresh.

This launch also marks the first time ZaZZZ has ever dispensed the flower; previously, the machine has carried a wide range of edibles.

“This is an exciting time in Seattles cannabis community,” said Stephen Shearin, president and chief operating officer of American Green. “ZaZZZ will simplify, track and expedite the process in which marijuana users purchase their favorite products.”

Less enthused are some South End residents, including Rainier View local Phillip Wayne, who see the ever growing availability of recreational marijuana in the area as problematic.

“We’re just now getting rid of one dispensary (The Treehouse Collective) and now you want to make it even easier for people to purchase marijuana? I’m all for business and the free market, but we’re really starting to test the bounds of reason with these weed shops planting their ‘innovations’ in our communities,” said Wayne.

American Green is looking to equip multiple dispensaries throughout Washington with the self-service machines.

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