Sunday Stew: Despite the Way It Has Been

by Alvin ‘LA’ Horn (Painting: Living Ghost by McKella Sawyer)


You better stop
Smell the roses
Notice the plant life in the cracks of the sidewalk
Sip the coffee or juice of life
Bop you head to your music
The jam, the one song in the rhythm of your soul
Kick the volume up
Look in the windows as you pass-by
See your reflection and know there is nothing more beautiful
That image can’t argue with you
You control any change, if that’s what you want
You go in your own flow
Spend your dime
As you please
Live this life
Love your life
Always unveiling
Something new
Incorporating the old
Accepting everything must change
Yet you control the speed and the limit
Despite the way it has been
Make your reflection honor you and yours
You can keep on seeing the reflection in the window as you pass-by and
know there is nothing more beautiful

©~Alvin L.A. Horn~ multi-award winning bestselling author published by
Zane and Simon and Schuster publishing
2012 National Billboard Spoken Word Artist of the Year