New South Precinct Captain’s Letter to the Community

Captain Mike Washburn, who will officially take over as head of the South Precinct on April 8th, wished to introduce himself to the South Seattle community via this open letter.

Dear South Seattle Community,

I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself prior to taking over the South Precinct on April 8th.  I am thrilled about returning to my home precinct where I began my career 29 years ago.

I have a long history with the South Precinct:  I worked there for the first 9 years of my career as a Patrol Officers, Anti-Crime Team Officer, Patrol Sergeant and finally as a Community Police Team Sergeant.  I later returned to the South Precinct as the Operations/Weed and Seed Lieutenant prior to being recruited to help open the new Southwest Precinct as the Operations Lieutenant.  I left the Southwest Precinct when I was selected to be the Captain of the North Precinct, where I stayed for almost five years prior to being given a variety of assignments at Seattle Police headquarters downtown.

I am a big proponent of community policing and look forward to working in partnership with the residents and businesses in the South Precinct to enhance safety and livability.  I would like to hear from you!  I will use your input to guide an shape the enforcement priorities and strategies my officers use as we work to build strong, trusting relationships with community members.

I am excited about returning to the South Precinct community again and look forward to working together with you in the near future.  Please feel free to contact me by email or telephone.


Captain Mike Washburn

(206) 684-5952

Photo Credit: Seattle Police Department