Hillman City Residents “Envision the Future”

On April 23rd, Hillman City residents are congregating to “talk it out.”

The once maligned area, which has experienced remarkable growth in the past year with a proliferation of businesses and non-profits, will play host to the Vision Hillman City Community Kickoff.

This event aims to assemble those living, working or playing in Hillman to discuss the rapid change taking place in the area including: the Rainier Avenue Road Diet, increasing real estate prices  and the dynamics of those old and new to the neighborhood living side by side.

The gathering will take place Thursday, April 23rd at the Hillman City Collaboratory from 6 to 9 pm. For more details, contact event organizer Karl Hackett at Karl 7766 @gmail.com.

Photo courtesy of the Hillman City Collaboratory.