Sunday Stew: This is Where I’m From (Part 2)

by Tymon Haskins

I am from the heart and struggle of Africa
but knit formed and known by Jehovah shalom and El Roi
with love and precision
to make a small part
of a great tapestry

I am from the Windy and motor city that blew in a tribe of people that lived during the civil rights movement.
the cry for liberty was heard
a dream was dreamed
and staying in a seat proved you are Gods child.

I am from the tac, the 253, where the aroma was home but the stinch was covered
by my mother
to not gasp and choke on the violence and drama *

I am from a light skinned beautiful woman who’s journey was bumpy and rocky
where the drive was unbearable, Tears flowed and the seatbelt
didn’t always make u feel safe.
Isolation and lack became my seat during the journey.

I am from the inner battle
why didn’t he call,
does he care,
am i not enough
The endless cycle of
who is this guy at my house?
U r not my dad
Love me
This inner struggle bound me for years

I am from 3 siblings where our fun masked the world we lived in.
only God can make a bond like that.
Laughing playgrounds clubhouses
Watching Martin and yelling what’s up.
Baggy jeans and starter jackets
His airness showed his reign as 23 was crowned year after year
Kablooes and squeezits
Ninja turtles GI Joes were some of our friends
We made due with what we had.

I am from loud laughs
your momma jokes easing the pain
I am from those
collard greens
macaroni and  cheese
and cheese
no stuffing
I was so full
proving that I deserve respect in life lessened my appetite.
My education and grades set me apart
but The race jokes made me put my fork down
The worlds biases sometimes made me step away from the table
and push my plate away

I am from the outstretched arms that bled to cover every wrong.
The grace that gives hope
when I am weak.
I am from His love that restored the glimmer in my eye
and raising my hands to the most High!!!
Enduring the journey to make black lives matter.
Hands up!!!!!
The cross allows me to worship
and give what I always wanted to whosoever is in need. ( hands higher)

I am that diamond that was cleaned from the world saying He was worth it all
I am loved
and reloved.
Carried by the Father
Ive always wanted.

That is where I am from.