Sunday Stew: Online Dating

by Emily Williamson

Agnostic, libertarian, anarchist
Decline, dismiss, reject
We write each other off
With a single click.

You don’t like his freckles
Not a fan of his brow
His nose is too crooked
Smile looks like a scowl

That same guy you meet
Might sweep you off your feet
Whisk you away
On a romantic vacay

She doesn’t want to be a mom
She’s divorced
And that seems wrong
You pass her over
Onto the next
Certain to find
The very best!

If you met her at a party
Got to know her at your friend’s
You might feel your heart flutter
You might ask to be her man

We are so much more than labels
Than selective profile photos
Each unique individuals
Dig down deeper
Those dislikes might be fables

Hear their story
Touch their soul
Watch their personality shine
When they talk about life’s goals

No longer a stranger
They’ve become your friend
Someone who’ll stick with you
To the very end.