The South Seattle Narrative: We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

by Dominique Scalia

Dominique addresses the crowd at the Emerald's one-year anniversary party. Photo Credit: Celia Berk
Dominique (Madam President) addresses the crowd at the Emerald’s one-year anniversary party. Photo Credit: Celia Berk

More than a year ago, I sat looking at Marcus Green from behind a beer at Rookie’s in Columbia City, listening to a pitch for what would become the South Seattle Emerald. He had already shown me a little of what he could do when we worked together on another project. But when he asked me to help him start a non-profit publication in South Seattle, I did not understand what it could mean for Marcus Green to truly live his vision of community-based journalism. All I knew was that Marcus was a wonderful writer and a talented and diligent interviewer, and that the people in this community had a story to tell that was not being told by any other publication. That was enough to get us started.

We have now celebrated our one-year anniversary, and the Emerald has become a narrative that I could not be more honored to help share with you. This publication is run by some of the smartest and most hard-working people with whom I have ever had the joy of working. Our Board is graced by artists, business people, and activists of the highest caliber. At our helm, the incomparable Marcus Green has shown me how very right I was to put my faith in him.

Thanks to Marcus and his team and talented writers, the never-ending story of South Seattle is now being told from within and without, engaging not only the residents and workers of numerous South Seattle neighborhoods, but also the larger Seattle culture in a conversation about what it means to be “the most eclectic place on Earth.”

In a stroke of critical luck, Marcus and our Board of Directors are all incredibly generous, and have funded the South Seattle Emerald personally for the last year. When I first agreed to join this organization, I had no idea how much I would do to help it succeed, and how much more I would wish I could do. As this publication has grown into a valuable and sustainable resource, our dreams have also continued to grow. To reach our many goals, I ask for your help.

Please help us continue to provide a critical and in-depth look into the experiences that shape our community, and help us create even more ways for our organization to engage with you, and to engage you with your surroundings. Donations to the Emerald can now be accepted here.

Thank you, South Seattle. For reading, contributing, talking, thinking, and all that you do to make our community what it is.

Dominique Scalia is the President of the South Seattle Emerald Board of Directors, an attorney, a Seattle transplant, a dreamer, and extremely grateful to the readership of this publication.

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