Sunday Stew: Blue Line

by Lola Peters

Mirror, mirror, on the face
Do you think you can erase
Vision of humanity
Moving past the world you see?

Hidden under molded shield
Limiting your seeing field
Knowing what you’re told to know
Going where your Others go

Do you understand your role
Do you fathom the real goal
Do you think you’re hid from view
This is no game peek-a-boo

Here we stand, two human beings
In this moment disagreeing
My eyes open, you can see me
I’m the one who stands here free

Unencumbered by pretenses
In control of my own senses
Wanting only to be free
To pursue the dreams I see

I have nothing that can harm you
My hands open, in your view
Show real courage, drop your guard
Lift your visor, yes, it’s hard

Mirror, mirror, on the face
Let’s make this the time and place
When you no more will be base
Pledge to serve the human race.