Fire at Columbia City Butcher

by Staff Writer

The roof of Bob’s Quality Meats, located at 4861 Rainier Avenue South, caught fire  earlier this  afternoon . The fire rapidly spread to the adjacent Columbia City Bakery before firefighters were able to get it under control a little before 4:15pm.

The exact cause of the fire has yet to be determined. No one was reported injured.

As firetrucks and ambulances remain at the scene, city officials are advising commuters to avoid Rainier Avenue South from Edmunds to Hudson.

Featured Image Credit: Emily Williamson

2 thoughts on “Fire at Columbia City Butcher”

  1. Hi – is this photo actually from the scene described in your story? My guess is not (sure hope not!) and it would be helpful to clarify by way of a caption so that readers don’t get an inaccurate impression of the severity of the blaze. Thanks for your reporting work!

    1. Girashe, thank you for your feedback. We apologize if the use of the stock photo produced a false impression of the scene. That was not our publications intent. We have made sure to currently source the image. Thank you very much for reading!