Sunday Stew: Romeo and Julia

by Jerrell Davis

Stuck in a moment
Whose recognition causes it to slip away
Stuck in the ecstasy
of you next to me , inspecting every inch that you’re lettin me,
Definitely setting us up for the agony.

A love that burns like April 20,
Fire burning, leaving our emotions bare-
I stare into your eyes,
I can’t see myself and I wonder whether that’s good or bad
But through it all you’ve been right there..

We grow
because of an image
Illustrating our respective blueprints of the future
Into a war that neither of us want to but must fight in.

We create a reality unfamiliar to each other
An emotional caste system that does nothing beyond breaking hearts-
Causing inevitable reform
when our hope underwhelms us,

See, someone’s gotta lose
The question remains,
does fate choose?

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