Former Gang Members Stand United in Repairing Community

by Marcus Harrison Green

They descended on Fifth Avenue in droves. With the swath of black and brown bodies shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity, it was hard to imagine a time not so long ago when the wrong look from one of them, the wrong bandanna, or the wrong address was enough to incite an epidemic of violence that left south and central Seattle streets littered with bodies. On this day though, all past grievances were forgotten, all former allegiances dissolved in the antiseptic of a grand, brazen idea: unity. (Read the rest of the article at the Seattle Weekly)

Featured Image: Christopher Zeuthan

One thought on “Former Gang Members Stand United in Repairing Community”

  1. In my view, there may have been a time, when gangs were necessary for protection, but not now ! Any “gang” activity should aid the community AGAINST crime, not disparage it .