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Eighty-Two Percent of District 2 Still Needs to Vote Today

Will this election finally see a strong turnout from District 2 voters? That’s entirely up to South End voters to decide today. As of Monday night, less than 18% of registered voters in the district have turned in their ballots, compared with over 19-22% for each of the other districts. 

Ballots Received as of Nov 2
Official ballot count as of November 2nd, 2015. Seattle’s District 2 is currently showing the lowest percentage of registered voters having returned their ballots than any other district.

Whether it’s due to the number and location of ballot boxes in the area, poor mainstream coverage of South Seattle races, or general disillusionment with the process, the ballots of many registered to vote in the South End simply don’t reach the box.

To help turn that statistic around, the deadline to get your ballots in is tonight (Tuesday, November 3rd) by 8pm.

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