News Gleams: SDOT Seeking Applications for Parklets Program and Thanksgiving in the South End

collected by Antonio Foster (featured image by Alex Garland)

SDOT Accepting  New Applications for Parklets and Streateries Program

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is currently promoting new improvements to its parklet and streatery programs in attempts to make it easier for businesses and community groups to apply for and fund these installations. Parklets and streateries are small-scale open spaces built within a few on-street parking spaces and are an effective way to provide community-oriented gathering places while supporting economic vitality in Seattle’s commercial districts. SDOT recently expanded the idea of parklets by developing the Streatery Pilot Program, allowing restaurants and bars to build parklets that provide extra café seating space during business hours and public open space when businesses are closed. Last weekend, Hillman City’s Tin Umbrella Coffee became Seattle’s latest business to operate a parklet. SDOT is now accepting applications on a rolling basis, and can be found on their website.


Thanksgiving Community Dinners around the South End

Community centers and businesses across the South End will host Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for local residents. A list of community hosted dinners is below and will be updated throughout the day:

Alajawan’s Hands Thanksgiving DinnerWhere: Skyway VFW 7421 S 126th St Seattle, WA 98178 – Time: 12:00pm-4:00pm – Message from the hosts: Sit at Alajawan’s Community Family Table. Be our family! We’re far from relatives but loved ones like you are right here! Alajawan’s Hands invites you to join them for a FREE Thanksgiving dinner at the Skyway VFW Post #9430. – More Info: Ayanna Brown @ 425-208-6236

Thanksgiving at the Collaboratory Where: Hillman City Collaboratory 5623 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118- Time: 10am-7pm – More Info:

2 thoughts on “News Gleams: SDOT Seeking Applications for Parklets Program and Thanksgiving in the South End”

  1. Is there anything else SDOT could do to screw up traffic in SE Seattle. As it is we now have traffic jams on Beacon Ave, Lake Washington Drive, and MLK since they put the road diet in Columbia City. I have given up going to the restaruants in Columbia City. It simply is too hard to get there. I am now using neighborhood streets as a way around Rainier Ave.

    If they wanted to screw up traffic they could not have been more successful. Why not just make Rainier Ave a parking lot. We can always use more parking and it is useless as a N-S avenue.

    Lake Washington Bulevard has never had traffic jams. Now it is for two hours every morning and the same in the afternoon evening. I wonder what the smoke in City Hall.

  2. Driving has been so much more pleasant now on Rainier thanks to the road diet. I can’t wait until it comes all the way down to Rainier Beach. Less racing, less weaving. So great! Anything to get less cars on the road is good in my book.

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