10 Things to Love About South Seattle

by Dorothy Driver

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day week, here’s an amorous look at some of the things that attracted us to South Seattle and make us fall in love over and over again. 

  1. Walkable discoveries! Explore business enclaves in Rainier Beach, Mount Baker, and Othello. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to stroll around and the discoveries in store for you.
  2. Great Restaurants! We have an abundance of restaurants spanning the culinary globe.  Did you know that Rainier Beach is secretly a pizza mecca with Pizzeria Pulcinella and recently opened Giorgina’s Mediterranean Kitchen, as well being home to other new favorites like Redwing Cafe, Jude’sOld Town,and Stone House Cafe & Bakery. Also be sure to explore the Othello area which is best sampled through the Plate of Nations event March 25-April 10th.
  3. Locally owned! The vast majority of our businesses are owned by our neighbors. What better way to show love for our community than to support them?
  4. Columbia City consignment shops! Speaking of locally owned, express your style through beautifully curated collections for everyone at  Hunt, Gather, Retroactive Kids, or Chrysanthemum.
  5. Everything is close by! If you think about it, all you need is right here in the Rainier Valley. But it’s great to know that SeaTac Airport, Georgetown, South Park, and downtown Seattle are just 10 minutes away by car during non-peak hours.
  6. Light Rail!  Let Sound Transit drive! A visit to Pike Place, art museum, or concert in the big city is a short train ride away.
  7. Small town feel! We have so many opportunities to get to know people in our community through an abundance of volunteer opportunities and top notch local events. For a fun way to get to know your neighbors, check out the Rainier Beach Community Club Wine Tasting event on March 19th (stay tuned for more information on that).
  8. Seattle Farm Co-op! Farm supplies in an urban environment from feed and seed, to animals, tools, plant starts, and gifts. Right now, in line with Valentine’s Day, you can get in on their “Birds & Bees” promotion by preordering spring chicks and taking a bee keeping class.
  9. Parks, parks everywhere! With its meandering paths, reflecting pools, waterfalls, and new terrace overlook Kubota Gardens is a favorite for romantic walks. Or, if you need to feel submerged in a Cascade rain forest and don’t have a half a day to get there, you’ll find respite in Deadhorse Canyon.
  10. Breathtaking views! Sweeping vistas surround us from the Olympic Mountains to Mt. Baker, downtown Seattle and Mt. Rainier, not to mention that beautiful Lake Washington.

One thought on “10 Things to Love About South Seattle”

  1. It is the South End, not “South Seattle.” Before I got kicked out of Seattle in 1989, I read the riot act to anyone who referred to “South King County” as the South End, which it is not. Otherwise an excellent summary. Next time include the public and private schools. I am a proud alum of St Ed’s, which has been doing a superb job of educating underprivileged kids for almost 50 years now (schooling for 100+ years).