Japantown Trees Honor Seattle’s Legacy of Fruit Trees and Green Spaces

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City Fruit and the Seattle Green Spaces Coalition are joining forces to preserve fruit trees discovered in “Japantown” in the Yesler Hill area of Seattle’s International District. The apple and ume plum trees are decades old and reflect the legacy of Seattle’s fruit trees and green spaces. Local experts estimate the trees may be nearly 80 years old, dating from the late 1930s when Japanese immigrants possibly planted them. To preserve exact varieties, all fruit trees require grafting onto young rootstock.  This event will celebrate the discovery and preservation of the fruit tree varieties and the ongoing importance of urban agriculture and green space in Seattle.


WHO:            Seattle Green Spaces Coalition

Marie R. Wong, PhD, Seattle University

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation

City Fruit and community volunteers


WHERE:                  Amy Yee Tennis Center Orchard

2000 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle, WA 98144


WHAT:                    Preservation of Fruit Tree Varieties


WHEN:                    Saturday, March 12th @ 12:00 noon

Short remarks at 12:00 noon will detail the organizations’ work, the grafting process, and share information on the partnership and future plans to preserve the trees.