Sunday Stew: My Beautiful Mind

by Alvin “L.A.” Horn

You see a photograph
Seemly looking at you
Telling a story of who I am
Peering from deep from within my gaze is my mind
Wait don’t run, I want your input into my mind
I want you to input you
Look at me
I’m here
A picture on a screen, now
But I am here
Come take me away
To any coast or mountain
By any river or street, and to any place you want to be alone with me
I’m willing to love you anywhere you would have me
I’m willing to love you like you want me to love you
Come take me away
Look at me
My eyes are open like a smile
That means my mind is open to you
Look at me
My lips are warm, sensual and pouting
That means I have understanding words and pleasurable words for you
Look at me
My lips say kiss me
Get next to me
But first
Get next to my beautiful mind
Reach out the only way you know how
I’ll give you a chance
Let your words come from your heart
Be honest with me at all cost
Know what you want for yourself and me
Speak to me as air for absorption
Please let me speak with my big beautiful mind
Please look into me, you’ll find only the truth
My body will do as you want it to do
I will enjoy you
Might even show you a trick or two
But first
Get next to my beautiful mind
You’ll be surprised at what you will find.
My leg and feet will work with you, on anything you want them to do
I will travel up the mountain; I will walk into the deepest sea to be next to you
I will walk next to you
If you input into my beautiful mind
Honest words
A big heart
True love
Then you will see what my beautiful mind can do
Please meet me now
Then when my eyes and lips are in front of you
Entice me
By looking behind my eyes you’ll see into my beautiful mind 

Alvin L.A. Horn is a South Seattle based  award winning spoken word artist and author.  His book, One Safe Place was recently published  by Simon and Schuster. His poetry and other writings can be found on his website


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