Sunday Stew: Reality Check

by Tymon Haskins

Che Taylor shot in the back
Seattle own son lost
Mike Browns body lay for hours with no care
TreVan Martin’s hoodie couldn’t cover  his head from the cold of this world
Eric Gardner’s knees slowly fell to the choking of the pain of historical and systemic racism

Jesus wept
His tears fell to the ground
His heart broken for the pain of this world

Tamir’s innocence was taken before he got to the play the game of life
Sandra Bland’s words were lost and confined by the jailhouse of slavery

Jesus listens
His heart is open
He longs to hear the cry
He fights to hear the mourning heart
He listens to the voiceless cry and wordless prayer

Unknown voice that was ignored when they called for help
Unfiltered anger when the door of opportunity is closed
Unrecognized pain when the world stabbed you in the back

Jesus speaks hope
Jesus holds tightly
Jesus speaks life
Jesus holds tightly
Your provide what I need

Reality check

Always available
Readily available
Always available
Readily available

Reality check

Tv is not always truth

Reality check

The pain is for a season

Reality check

I can still hope

Reality check

I am valuable; I matter

Reality check

Check my reality so I can see your reality

Reality check

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