News Gleams: SPU Testing for Lead, and Council Committee Wants $30 Million of Housing Levy Dedicated to Preservation

collected by Antonio Foster

Seattle Public Utilities Testing  for  Lead  in Water

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will test water from a smattering of homes this weekend to determine if the utility has a lead problem. Concern over Seattle’s water began when Tacoma water utility managers detected lead in the drinking water of four Tacoma homes earlier this week.

SPU has recommended that costumers run water for two minutes before drinking it or cooking with it – if it hasn’t been turned on in more than six hours – while SPU conducts its test.

Results of the test are expected early next week.


County to Hold “Best Starts for Kids” Community Conversation at New Holly

King County will host a community meeting for its Best Starts for Kids initiative on Wednesday, May 4 at the New Holly Gathering Hall in South Seattle. The initiative will invest about $65 million a year in prevention and early intervention programs, including prenatal support for youth and communities.  The county is hoping to garner community input on Best Starts’ implementation plan that King County Executive Dow Constantine will send to the King County Council on June 1.


Council Committee Dedicates $30 Million Toward Housing Preservation in Housing Levy Proposal

Yesterday, the Seattle City Council’s Housing Levy Select Committee unanimously (8-0) voted to dedicate up to $30,000,000 for affordable housing preservation in an effort to prevent further displacement of low-income communities. The $30 million amendment, sponsored by Councilmembers Lisa Herbold and Mike O’Brien, will be used for a new program intended to preserve existing affordable multi-family subsidized and market-rate rental buildings.  The funds will be included as part of an August Housing Levy ballot measure if the Full Council chooses to send the measure to voters on Monday, May 2.