Columbia City Butcher Shop Thrives Across Generations

by Mohammed Kloub

The Ackley family has been in the meat business for four generations, ever since Joe Ackley began selling meat off his wagon in Yakima in the early 1900s.

His son, Bob Ackley, moved north in 1963 to open a butcher shop in West Seattle, and eventually took over another family’s shop in Columbia City. Bob’s Quality Meats has been a staple in the Columbia City community ever since.

The shop is now owned by Bob’s son, James, and operated by James’ son, Abraham Ackley. Bob’s continues to offer hundreds of meats to its devoted customers, some of whom have been coming to the shop since Abraham was a toddler.

Despite high rents and gentrification becoming more prominent in the neighborhood and Seattle at large, the Ackley family hopes to remain a constant in Columbia City for years to come.

Video Story:

Feature photo by Mohammed Kloub

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