The Cynthia A Green Family Center Welcomes Miss Helen Sawyer as Their Kinship Care Group Facilitator

(This is a community announcement)

by Cynthia Anne Green

Welcome Miss Helen Sawyer!

Miss Helen as her friends refer to her has come out of retirement to return to her first love advocating for Kinship families.  She agreed to be the Group Facilitator of the Kinship Support Group at the Cynthia A Green Family Center.   She was in attendance at the Kinship Fair held at the Rainier Community Center which was well attended and offered almost any resource a Kinship Caregiver needed as well as clothing and books.  It was exciting to see Miss Helen talking, smiling and laughing with other Kinship caregivers. 

I had the privilege of meeting Miss Helen and Kristi Lund more than 19 years ago when my husband and I unexpectedly found ourselves raising young children for the second time around after we took in my nephews.  I initially felt alienated because I did not know anyone else in their 50’s raising young kids.  It was a blessing to meet these two women who supported me with phone conversations and provided  information on where I could find resources. We remain friends to this day.

Miss Helen was the King County Kinship Navigator, Leader of a Kinship Support Group which met at Mt. Baker Baptist Church for an extended time and raised grandchildren.  Miss Helen was a positive role model for other caregivers showing them it was possible to raise grandchildren, work, support and advocate for Kinship. Her job did not end at the close of business as her phone often rang at home with Kinship Caregivers needing food, clothing for their children, knowledge of how to gain third party custody, financial assistance,  and  someone to talk to while battling depression. Her numerous deeds has led to Miss Helen becoming well known throughout the King County Community.

It will be exciting to see what new ideas emerge and what old passions Miss Helen will rekindle in the caregivers.

Welcome Again Miss Helen!