Rainier Valley Radio is Now Streaming

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The following is a statement from Rainier Valley Radio (KVRU 105.7fm) station manager Tony Benton

You can now listen to Rainier Valley Radio by logging onto KVRU.org and clicking “LISTEN”.   We are ramping up our efforts to eventually broadcast the terrestrial signal, 105.7fm.  While we’re building, I invite you to listen online.  You’ll hear a variety of locally produced shows impacting or created by our local listening community.  You’ll also hear news updates, music, community happenings, community spotlights and more as we build.  During this time we’ll also be building out our news department to provide you with the latest local breaking news and traffic as part of our efforts to be your leading resource for hard news and perspective reflecting Southeast Seattle. Feel free to tell friends…or anyone, to listen as well.  Soon, we’ll have a more formal launch, but why wait, visit now!

Rainier Valley Radio is under construction and your invited to “tour” the station while we’re building.  As we grow, take a “sneak peak” listen to KVRU original programming, give us your feedback, and consider donating, volunteering, underwriting or sponsoring a show, or creating your own program.

Yes, since we are streaming over the internet this means anyone with an internet connection is a potential listener, you can invite folks to listen worldwide.  Current programming will be airing at a variety of times while we are under construction, so pop in occasionally to check it out.  I’m not going to tell you precisely what you’ll hear, so you’ll have to “take the tour”.  Shortly you’ll be able to listen “On Demand” as well to catch specific shows at your listening convenience.  In the meantime, turn on and tune in…and tell a friend.  Rainier Valley Radio is “Under Construction”.  Take the tour, happy listening!

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