Travel Tips for Staying Fit

by Emily Williamson

Summer is a season in which you’re likely to travel more than usual. But when you do, your fitness routine usually gets thrown off! Although you may not be able to get to a gym for your regular workout, you can stay active by following these tips:

  1. Plan several no-equipment-necessary exercise routines. You can get in a full workout with variations of the following: squats, squat jumps, push ups, sit ups, crunches, burpees, lunges, wall sits, jumping jacks, planks and jogging in place. By planning a few routines in advance—or with an RHF traineryou’ll be more likely to implement your workout while traveling. Get ideas for additional travel workout plans from our Pinterest Travel Workouts page.
  1. Stretch with yoga. Yoga mats pack easily and you can unroll it anywhere from a beach to a balcony. And when you have an hour or longer airport layover, find an empty terminal and get in a few stretches. If you don’t have moves memorized you can follow along to a YouTube yoga video on your phone.
  1. Pack your shoes. Running shoes, that is. Hit the pavement or a trail and see the scenery up-close and in semi-slow-mo.
  1. Try a dance class or dance venue. Whether swaying to a disco or twisting to ZUMBA in a park, dancing is a perfect way to release stress and get in some cardio while experiencing a new place. Plus it’s a social activity so you can bring—or meet—some friends. Exercise meets entertainment!
  1. Find a local gym. We know it won’t compare to RHF, but many hotels have a built-in gym. You can also ask your friends or locals if there’s a fitness center where you can get a day pass or two. And when your friends visit Seattle, be sure to bring them to RHF for their free pass!
  1. Pack a jump rope. This tiny piece of equipment takes up minimal space and provides a good cardio workout in seconds!
  1. Look for stairs. We all know to take stairs rather than an elevator or escalator when possible, but if you’re toting heavy bags or suitcases, that may not be possible. However, noting where a nearby staircase is then returning when you have a few minutes can provide another good cardio workout.
  1. Swim some laps. Sure sipping martinis under the sun creates an idealistic image of vacation, but actually getting in the water and swimming will burn calories and make you feel better.

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