Sunday Stew: I Saw You This Morning

by Alvin “LA” Horn

I saw you this morning
I saw you at the bus stop
I saw you driving the opposite way with the convertible top down
I saw you walking in the store
Then I saw you walking out the store
I saw a coffee in your hand and you were smiling
I saw you reading a book by Alvin L. A. Horn at a park while sitting on a bench

I saw you laying on a blanket at the beach sunning yourself
I saw you coming down the stairs as I was headed up
I saw you going in that building and I wondered did you see me as I passed you
Wherever I see you, I swear you must be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen
Although you’re not just one, you are all
In all your comings and goings you are all the women of the world
God’s gift to the world and man
Today you are the most beautiful, but then aren’t you always…I think so

I saw you in every shape and form
You are tall …you are short …you are athletic …you are thin …you are curvy…you are sexy…
You were in the color of coffee and coffee and cream …you were in the color of blackberry… you were in the color of brown sugar and redbone you were the colors that allowed me to see your freckles …you were the color of lemon meringue pie …you are the color of banana pudding …you were all the colors in the sky
You we’re that color of that color crayon that nobody can seem to remember the name of that color
You were in the color of soul…
You were in the color of love

I saw you this morning I wondered did you see me
I wonder… will there be one-day, you see me as I’m passing by
As I’m driving by with my top down
As I’m walking in the door
As I’m walking down the street
At the train station
Coming off the plane or boarding and I’m sitting across from you…will you see me
Might you be there at the end of my journey waiting for me
All I do know for sure is…
I saw you today and you are absolutely beautiful, and you are everytime I see you

I’m behind you wishing you’ll turn around and see me


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