Sunday Stew: The Lotus Who Emerged From the Mud

by Darozyl S. Touch

To my dearest Love,

Has anyone ever told you,
You are a Lotus who emerged from the mud?
You rose from the depths of despair; of murky earth;
Of chains holding you hostage;
of burden on your shoulders;
pushing past the pain is like
pushing through boulders.
Slow death as your Father;
Stone cold as your Mother;
of silence as your shield;
of failure as your fear.
For all of these reasons,
you’ve shed your share of tears–
But Nothing, My Dear,
can change the conditions from which
you were born here.

So just STOP for a moment–and silence yourself.
Quiet your conscience and quit lying to yourself.
Give credit where credit is due–you have gone through so much pain
but the blame is not on you.
You can’t control what other people do
so please don’t give up;
You are made with resilience as a fighter–a true diamond in the rough
Recognize the intrinsic worth of your circumstance,
And thank the Creator for giving you this lifetime as a chance,
For you to blossom into the beautiful creation you were destined to be,
That even the sun would rejoice and sing,
“Oh, how you shine more radiantly than me!”

As you continue to grow, you will swiftly rise above,
The muck and the mire and all the earthy mud.
You will Rise up from what
entangled, entrenched, and bound you from the light,
That even your timeless beauty will captivate all in sight.
When your petals blossom to unveil your potential–
you will see,

Just how uniquely special you were created to be,
So you can truly appreciate
how your existence is extraordinary,
As a lotus undefined by your circumstance,
transcending adversity.

So, Awaken now, and bring your truth to light—
Victoriously unscathed,
you were and always have been,
created to fight;
By virtue of existence here on this earth,
You will inevitably endure pain and hurt.
But do remember, that your strength and power emanate from this earthen dirt.
So don’t set limitations on yourself to rise above,
Because You are the Radiant Lotus who emerged from the mud.