The 5th Estate Episode 1: Seattlish & South Seattle Emerald Have A Love Child

Here’s something that will surprise no one: Seattlish Editor-in-Chief Hanna Brooks Olsen and South Seattle Emerald founder Marcus Harrison Green like to get together for lunch (read: beers) sometimes and wax (sometimes less than) poetic about local and national politics. We like it so much that we decided to make it A Thing.

That thing is a new weekly podcast, produced by the magnificent DJ Martinez, called the 5th Estate (get it?) that you can find here and on Seattlish every Thursday. It may not always be just us—we might have interviews, we might get a pinch-hitter every now and then, who knows? We’re young and busy!—but we’re going to try really hard to make it regular, make it good, and make it interesting.

Without further ado, our inaugural episode:

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