Sunday Stew: Letter 2 The Flag

by Jerrell Davis

Considering the flag…

This is the question our generation is facing:

Why would we continue to celebrate the exploitation of a nation,

underemphasize genocide and forced migration?

Beginning with a blank canvas let me paint an illustration…


“All we saw was blue skies and Brown skin

And Nature did us favors cuz we valued it.

Salutations and greetings at every meeting,

The homage paid to guest never left them fleeting – nor us retreating, seething, and bleeding…

When the Black tribes were leaving we thought the overseas thing was easy –

See, Blacks came before Columbus

And they didn’t want to trump us!

We exchanged and traded and we both left pumped up

with plump pockets – Peace to the Olmecs!

Peep how similar our pyramids are from Egypt to Guatemala;

A little higher we were sayin “asante sana”

thank you very much, but


much had changed when it rained though..

And we had to strain and squint to see ships with white sails

and just as pale white males,

much time before we ever felt the burn of shot gun shells


Oh yeah, that rain fell.


Cuz before, all we saw was blue skies and Brown skin

And Nature did us favors cuz we valued it


But those whites were plotting, now it’s thick –

Our hospitality taken for granted – NO – taken advantage!

They stole everything from us: damaged, raped, pillaged and ravaged,

then called US the savage!?

Following a trail of tears to a safe passage we didn’t know how to manage.

We didn’t know we needed a reservation to eat in our own damn nation.

Damnation. Calamity.

Their Manifest Destiny came through brutality.


So now, we proclaim their “Constitution” a fallacy.


We prayed to the Galaxy cuz

At one time all we saw was blue skies and Brown skin

And Nature did us favors when we valued it


Til our blood dripped, ripping our shade off the canvas

And we prayed to the Galaxy but only 13 “stars” dropped

and just like what their savagery stopped,

Out the picture we, of our own History, got cropped!

The amalgamation is a United States American flag

On Indigenous American land.


We’re still waiting to overstand how y’all don’t see the racial overpin!

You came with ammunition and a cross as you

tried to send Jesus to save us

– from who, from you?

We were more connected to God than you before you came thru with a cross, prophesying a loss, you self-fulfilled but we paid the cost when you fired shots, yeah you laid us off like a lost cause, but we only lost cuz y’all only fight with paws off, no hand to hand stand off

So you think you got victory and stand strong but you stand soft

With your pants off you ain’t hard

you can’t solve the problems KARMA gonna give you from that false conquest.

Here’s a new prophecy:

You will live in constant contest, an eternal state of war;

losing sons for your sins, daughters for your slaughters, and

because you painted your flag with a bucket of blood

One day you will struggle for water.

This is karma.”


To be continued…