#EmeraldLove: Sharon Chang

“Every time I see an Emerald piece, I’m impressed.”

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Sharon Chang, award-winning author and South End social justice activist, is impressed by the quality of writing in the Emerald calling it, “rich, layered, nuanced.” Chang notes, “The Emerald is doing things that no other local publications are doing.”

She points out Amir Islam’s piece on Macklemore’s White Privilege single. “It was very beautifully done,” she says, noting that Islam’s approach is “non-binary” allowing room to both agree and disagree with different elements of the topic. It is this nuanced, authentic approach that, for Chang, sets the Emerald apart from other media sources. 

Chang and a supporter at an event with her book, Raising Mixed Race: Multi-Racial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World. Photo courtesy of Sharon Chang

After being a frequent contributor, Chang recently joined the Emerald as a columnist!  Starting in October, Chang launched “Emerald Voices”, a monthly column highlighting the little known accomplishments and fascinating lives of South Seattle residents. 

As a nationally published author, Chang could easily set her sights on larger, better-known publications but she chose the Emerald because, for Chang, it matters most whether or not a publication is a good fit for her message and she is proud to see her words in the Emerald!

Chang’s first book Raising Mixed Race: Multi-Racial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World, was released to great praise for its groundbreaking analysis. Her forthcoming second book, co-authored with preeminent sociologist Joe R. Feagin, examines Asian American women, sexism and gendered racism. Chang is also a consultant for Families of Color Seattle as well as the social media coordinator for Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference.

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