#EmeraldLove: Luis Rodriguez

“…they are talking about homelessness, they are talking about gentrification, they are talking about real things that really matter.”

donate-emeraldloveOctober 18th – October 25th is the Emerald’s inaugural Giving Campaign where we will raise essential support to keep bringing you the news, commentary and culture you care about!

Luis Rodriguez is a South Seattle staple. As the owner of The Station – much-loved Beacon Hill coffee house that serves as community hub, artist collective, political activism engine and neighborhood gathering place – Rodriguez has become known for his fierce political advocacy and unapologetically POC-centered views. He also makes a damn fine Mexican Mocha, The Station’s house specialty.

 And he is a loyal South Seattle Emerald supporter.

Block Party 34
Rodriguez adds to a solidarity banner during The Station’s Beacon Hill Block Party. Photo by Alex Garland

 For Rodriguez, the Emerald is important because it is the voice of his beloved community. “It represents our POC people in the South End,” he says, noting that the Emerald is the only media outlet truly representing his community.

 In part, he notes, this is because the Emerald writers, editors, photographers and board members are his community. “I met them before I knew they were journalists [with the] Emerald,” he laughs. “And then I find out that they were customers of mine, friends of mine!” These Citizen Journalists are the back-bone of the Emerald, offering the voice of the people, by the people, for the people.

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Featured Image by Alex Garland, adapted for this campaign.


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