Sunday Stew: Fall Through My Door

by Alvin “LA” Horn

Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you
No need to knock
Come through my gate, walk into my garden, approach my steps
The door will open I’ve been waiting to catch you
All my life
The doorway to my soul has been waiting for you to fall through my door

A fire awaits
Soul satisfying sustenance awaits
Fall through my door
I’ll gladly bundle you up and we can take stroll in the chill along lake, but be hot in love
Kiss my coco lips as I suck the sweetness of your tongue as if melting fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate has us sticking to each other
Intoxicating warmth awaits

Leaves are falling
Rain is in the air
Clouds burst
Winds gusts at my door
I want you to fall through my door
I’ll catch you
Hold you and let you know you are where are to be
During these times
Shorter days
Makes me want you even more to light up my soul

All I want is for you to fall through my door
I’ll catch your chill and turn the heat up I’ll even gently wipe your nose and kiss you weeping eyes
Take a nap as the rain plays a lullaby
We wake
Let’s go under the cover, or at least I will, and you can keep watching, I love Lucy for as long as you can while I’m going down under
We can stay in bed and watch Love Jones, and The Five Heartbeats again, and make love while an old black & white movie plays

Let’s get some air and play in the fall air
We can rake leaves and be kids again and fall and roll on the ground, then turn into fresh teenagers and I hover over your body, and we stare at each other and feel feelings
It’s fall season
The color of another kind-of love
Gold, purples, reds, browns makes beds as they fall to the ground
Fog laden morning
Mists and downpours
Sometimes the sun peaks through gray skies
Signaling for you to fall through my door

Let’s spread out on my wood floor and wax and burn as a fire sparkles and pops
Fall through my door
Please follow me to a warm place inside my heart
Fall through my door, as the season of hot days and warm night has gone away
I’m here, though the cooling season
I need you to comes through and cuddle in my winter retreat
Let’s love, let’s make love
Let love last through all seasons
But first,
Fall through my door

Featured image courtesy of Mona Lundeberg