#EmeraldLove: Amy HyunAh Pak

“[The Emerald] does a great job centering every day folks and…our historical Communities of Color – the black community and immigrant communities.”

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Amy HyunAh Pak, founding Executive Director of Families of Color Seattle, values South Seattle Emerald as a localized media resource that accurately expresses and amplifies the voices of under-represented communities.

Says Pak: “[The Emerald] has the important lens of social justice, racial equality and also does a great job at centering everyday folks and especially stories around our historical communities of color – the black community and immigrant communities.”

She goes on, “South Seattle Emerald has been really a great tool for these stories to be amplified and create conversation, help mobilize community needs and missions…and community movements that are happening in South Seattle.”  


Amy FOCS Dialogue 1.20.jpg
Pak leads a FOCS dialogue.  Photo by Che Seyhun.


Pak has over 18 years creating impact in Seattle through community organizing, social work and anti-racist education with families and youth. In addition to her leadership of FOCS, Pak consults with local preschools, public elementary schools, and independent schools on anti-bias, dismantling racism, and equity.

Pak sees the Emerald as an essential source for South Seattle, directing readers’ attention to topics and issues of importance. “[The Emerald] helps shape where our eyes and ears need to be activated. It helps amplify voices in the South End.”

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