#EmeraldLove: Dustin Washington

“It’s the most pure, honest media source in the Pacific Northwest.”

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For Dustin Washington, South Seattle Emerald is an indispensable resource for People of Color in Seattle – particularly those working to end structural racism.

“It’s the most pure, honest media source in the Pacific Northwest,” he says.  “It’s geared toward People of Color and the experience of being a POC living in the PNW and it tells the story from an authentic, uncompromising point of view.”

He goes on: “The Emerald at its best is coming from a culturally competent perspective and it’s really trying to shine a light on elements of structural racism and how structural racism is very much alive and well in Seattle – in the PNW.”

Washington  speaks on a racial justice panel.  Photo courtesy American Friends Service Committee.

And Washington would know.  As a Core Trainer for the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, he splits his time between Seattle and multiple locations throughout the country leading Undoing Racism trainings and Freedom Schools.  He is also the Director of the Community Justice Program with the American Friends Service Committee.

Washington also notes that the Emerald offers a more complete depiction of Communities of Color than mainstream media.  “It tells the story that dominant culture won’t touch and it provides a light of humanity upon People of Color. It shows us as 360-degree, fully-actualized human beings instead of the one-dimensional aspect that mainstream media often represent of African Americans and other People of Color.”

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