T-Time: Introlude

by Tarik Abdullah

Twenty five years. Twenty five years of sweat, burns, beautiful dishes, broken plates, suffering crazy chefs, working alongside talented cooks ,  teaching kids and more. I’m still going strong with no intention of slowing down. Why you ask? P.A.S.S.I.O.N aka  “love for the game”.

Getting this far has given me opportunities that I’d never thought would happen. And now writing is a new challenge I accept. My name is Tarik Abdullah. I’m a chef, community activist and a pretty cool dude for the most part. 

I grew up in a Muslim household full of great food, laughs and the exquisite smells that brought people together. My father was a hardworking entrepreneurial family man that did what he could for the Muslim community as well as the African American community. My mother is a loving individual who cares for her family and anyone around her. In many ways they’re like a lot of moms and dads we all know.

Even though I grew up amongst really good cooks, there was no thought of making it a career. It wasn’t until my first real job in an open kitchen that I realized my attraction to cooking was strong. Open flames, rotisserie spinning, the guests watching as we created their meal, the look on their face after that initial bite was a bit fascinating (but not creepy).

The love of food and community has and always will be the driving force for me. Now with this new chapter in my life I’d like to bring the kitchen to the page, which is why I’m proud to announce T-time, a regular column appearing in the Emerald.

Let’s use this column to talk about our tastes, dislikes, the state of farming, review new restaurants, or a good ole fashioned recipe. And one thing I love is a really good Sambusa! “ Who has their favorites? Does someone have the best Sambusa, samosa, in the South End?

Hit me up for T -Time. Peace. #feedthepeople

Contact Tarik Abdullah (Chef T) at adjandacook@gmail.com

Check out UNCODE’s brilliant video documentary of Chef T

 You might recognize Chef Tarik Abdullah from ABC’s “The Taste,” a competitive cooking show on which he spent six episodes winning Anthony Bourdain. He has earned a reputation as an artist and innovator, and his pop-up brunches in South Seattle have a cult-like following. Abdullah, a Seattle native, has been juxtaposing cook and entertainment for as long as he can remember. – Seattle Weekly