Sunday Stew:Nothing-No-More Comes-Between-Us

by Alvin “L.A” Horn

In the morning
During the midday
And every night
I will ease all the heartbreaks of the past…
I lay my soul down to you to be that one love

This love I have for you, breaks down rules, decrees, principles and or barriers, and over mountains and under all … I love you
I see your smile and say to God thank you for answering prayers

In- between the heartbreaks, I have readied my heart for you
In-between the bad lovers, I have found more of me to give to you because of you, my best has come forth, for only you
In-between the trials and tribulations of life and death, I have sought love to have my back and to bore my joy

Now, tears of hurt have turned to joy when I hold you in my arms, I know this
Screams of why, have turned to sighs of feelings of blessing because of you
We face each other as we now face life as one
No words need to cross in the winds of uncertainty, because we got this because we have each other

We feel from our souls
Our eyes a fixed
Our hearts joined
You feel my hands run through your hair and pull your thoughts into me
I feel your fingers – finger painting I love you on my back
We penetrate space untouched by the others
We cover our love with heartbeats in time man can’t count
We kiss every follicle of each other and taste the wetness of the sweetness we drip on each other
We get higher than high in orgasmic throws
Our ears hear our soul scream each other name from low to high we mate in harmony
We are a symphony of lovers
We are a soul opera
I am the bass that makes your cymbals ring and you are my jazz that make me rock with you
We are the heat that burns away the noise of the uncool
The lovers we are… we walk in space as we make love here on earth

Once upon a time
Back before our time together the life before us groomed us
Now we grow as our veins of soul entwine
Tomorrow with…
Every kiss
Every touch
Every moment
We will overshadow any wrong
By every,
Here and now
Lasting through all times
What was then, was then, what is now is,
You and I
We listen to the rain
Washing away yesteryear’s
We hear drops of soul falling in rhythm to bring us joy
Our hearts dance
Each and every time we hear each other, and feel us, and see us, we drift in bliss to places that let us know
Nothing-no-more-never-ever-more comes-between-us

Featured painting by Nicclectic