We Must Aim Higher

by Dustin Washington

I know many are hurt and scared right now but this election clarifies where we are as a country. I appreciate the honesty of this election. Honesty is a gift. Honesty destroys all illusions.

Honesty calls us to step into our individual and collective power. IF you are awake, you will receive the deeper message of this moment in time. We always seek someone else to blame, but if you could see deep enough, you would see that this is a reflection on ALL of us. A reflection of us being out of our power and not having vision.

If you didn’t know how deep racism is in this country, now you do. If you didn’t know how dark the shadow of America was and is, now you do. Us being able to see the shadow and the Racism of this country is a gift.

The truth is Trump built a movement. A sick, racist and hateful movement, but it was a movement. A movement always wins. It’s Time WE build OUR movement. Hillary may have been a “better choice” than Trump but she wasn’t the choice we truly needed.

She would have continued the same basic neo-liberal, globalist, violent and racist status quo agenda. We must set our sights higher, much higher than NOT electing a Trump or electing a Clinton, to hell with that.

This is an opportunity for us to step out of the box, out of the matrix of what we believe is possible and begin to not only imagine the world we really want but to embark on the journey to build that world. Another world IS possible. Do you believe?

Having a Bull Connor type figure (aka Trump) could be a galvanizing force for a People’s movement. If we step into our Power and stop with the bullshit. This is a call from the Creator for us to step into our Power.

The Universe reflected back to us what we most need in this moment in history. None of us can see the future but we can shape the future. The question is will we/you seize this moment?

Will you just moan and complain or will you be a part of building the real New World Order, the Order of Justice and Love.

I know I will.

Dustin Washington is a South Seattle based anti-racist trainer with the People’s Institute Northwest

Featured Image is a cc licensed photo attributed to Gage Skidmore/via Flickr

2 thoughts on “We Must Aim Higher”

  1. It’s interesting you write this: “Having a Bull Connor type figure (aka Trump) could be a galvanizing force for a People’s movement.” Did you know Bull Connor was a Democrat? Liberals have no one to blame for this but the Democratic Party. It was Hillary Clinton is the one who used her campaign to elevate Trump into a viable candidate. Are you ready to start the REAL work and fight against two racist parties are you still with her?