The 5th Estate Episode 6: Upgrading Seattle

HEYYYYYY did you think we forgot our podcast? WE DID NOT. It’s just that our producer went to Standing Rock like a bad-ass and also the world kind of fell apart but we! Are! Back!

So here’s the deal: A bummer of a thing happened with the City’s budget, which is that municipal broadband was quietly removed. Which really sucks. It sucks because every Councilmember said they supported it and then, when the time came, they didn’t really go through with it.

It also sucks because the activists behind it are amazing! Like Devin Glaser, of Upgrade Seattle, who’s a true gem,

Devin joined Marcus in the studio a couple weeks ago (before The Incident and also before the budget came out) and we think it’s a good interview so! Here it is: