Brett Hamil: My 3-Point Plan for Progressive UNITY!

Brett Hamil: My 3-Point Plan for Progressive UNITY!

After a difficult election, how can Progressives come together and bounce back stronger than ever? Emerald’s Chief Comedic Strategist Brett Hamil has a plan.

Comrades of the Left: It’s time to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight back. Here’s my 3-point plan for Democrats.

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One thought on “Brett Hamil: My 3-Point Plan for Progressive UNITY!”

  1. Democrats are not the left. The Dems will get all faux radical now, suddenly they’ll be passionately against all the injustices Obama quietly condoned. The same people that ordered the actual left, young radicals, people of color and workers tear gassed. The same party that coordinated the brutal suppression of Occupy, that ran the Ferguson City government and the president that gave them tanks. That gave the Morton County Sheriff tanks, that approved DAPL and a host of other pipelines, that coddled the bankers while they devastated entire communities, that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Not my comrades, but your right, Trump says offensive things.

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