The 5th Estate Episode 11: The Constantine Conundrum

This week Hanna tried to work on that whole work/life balance thing so Crosscut’s David Kroman gamely attempted to fill her shoes. He joined Marcus to talk Russian hacking and the #NoNewYouthJail movement. Anti-racist trainer Dustin Washington also stopped by to drop “honesty bombs” on progressive Seattle.

Sit back and enjoy!

One thought on “The 5th Estate Episode 11: The Constantine Conundrum”

  1. There are other substantial policy matters where Martin Luther King Jr. County, in its official government capacity, continues to fail completely to fulfill its own social justice self-mandate. All one needs to do is wake up and realize that the only licensed marijuana stores now in business in the county’s unincorporated area, a highly regulated industry controlled by both the county and the state, are over-concentrated exclusively in Skyway and White Center, the only majority non-white communities in the unincorporated areas.

    Local news media to date has been largely unwilling to shine a light on this and other significant hypocrisies of King County local government, save for Seattle Weekly and the White Center/B-Town Blogs. Our local government representatives Gossett and McDermott, along with applicable council and executive staff, have sought more to avoid looking too closely into how this happened in our county.

    Politically it clearly still pays not to rock the boat too much …