News Gleams: South Seattle Getting Its Own Traffic Update Show

collected by Antonio Foster 

South Seattle Traffic Jam Program Premiering on Rainier Valley Radio

South Seattleites looking for hyper-local traffic updates while commuting home are in luck. Rainier Valley Radio will launch their weekday South Seattle Traffic Jam show beginning on Monday. The program will run from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, with live news and traffic updates every 15 minutes focused on Southeast Seattle and East King County. Listeners will be able to call into KVRU at 206-432-4260 to provide information about their commutes. The program can be listened to at or on a mobile phone using the TuneIn app.


South Seattle  Community College to hold Temporary Laborer Hiring Event

The City of Seattle is hosting a “Temporary Laborer Career Event” at South Seattle Community College open to all residents. Representatives from city departments including Human Resources, Parks and Recreation, and Transportation will join recruiters from Seattle City Light and Seattle Center to talk about available job opportunities.  The event will be held on February 1, from 11:00am to 2:00pm at South Seattle College’s Georgetown Campus (6737 Corson Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98108) Building C, Room 110. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a resume.

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2 thoughts on “News Gleams: South Seattle Getting Its Own Traffic Update Show”

  1. If they would take Rainier Ave back to two lanes north and two lanes south, that would take care of a lot of the traffic problem. Whomever designed this change must drink or smoke so pretty strong stuff. They stated more cars could move with one lane each way than could move with two lanes each way.

    I attended the public hearing meeting before the change. The room was about 10 to 1 against going from four lanes to two lanes. At the end of the meeting, the “Powers (Mr. Mayor, City council president Bruce H.” stated they would be resriping the Avenue on the next Monday. Bruce H and gang were not interested in public input. They just had to check the box that they had held a public hearing.

    It was an utter waste of the time of the 100 plus citizens who came to the hearing and expressed their concerns. It shows the low esteem the officials have for the citizens of SE Seattle. Some of those there had voted for Bruce and Eddy. We will remember this the next time a ballot comes our way.

    1. Thousands of other citizens were encouraging them to do the right thing and make this road safer for everyone in the community. I emailed Mr. Harrell to lend my support for this much-needed change and will continue to zealously advocate for safer streets.

      Going back to two lanes would not improve traffic but would lead to more deadly accidents again. The chokepoints are the intersections, zooming between them will not increase throughput. Nothing gets people more riled up (and irrational) than sitting in traffic. I’m proud of our leaders commitment to Vision Zero.