Sunday Stew: She

by Alvin “LA” Horn

Part one:
my friend my lover
a friend she is
she is my friend
being the opposite sex is good
but first she is still my friend
a friend can be a lover
but a lover is not always a friend
a friend she is giving space
keeping me in place
helping me
not demanding of me
she is my friend
being sexy with me … well ok
she does me well

a friend she is
there is something different about her
she lets me be, or not be
pushes me, pulls me
doesn’t force me
she energizes me
empowers me
she’s there for me
a friend she is
she is my friend
she is my lover

Part two:
She is his rock she is his lover
She of solid ground
She prays as he lies down
He has gotten up every time she has open her eyes from her pleas
He sees her faith
He holds on
It’s good she sits and waits
As he grows
She is his earth wind and fire
She sprinkles her love in intellectual rain
Purpose is sometimes found in fear
She shows strength
He feels her lift
He has the best in care in her
She, a good woman, a great friend
She is his lover

Part three:
When I touch my lover, I feel vibrations all through me
I often stand back, and admire what she can do
No matter my mood, she sings for me in a way no can
In my hands lying against my body, when I got the blues, she cries for me
She stays in rhythm with my tears, as if she is my pace maker for my heart to keep beating when I’m feeling alone
In my hands lying against my body, if I’m angry she’ll let me be rough and hard
Her screams sound like pure pleasure, when I’m under pressure
When I am low she’ll will still make love to me in her way, deflecting my dark side, pushing my sadness away
She is my outlet providing solace deep within my core
She always makes it right
My lover

alvinAlvin L.A. Horn is a multi-award winning bestselling author and spoken word artist. He currently resides in the Rainier Valley area.