Show the Emerald some Love this Valentine’s Day!

Dear Friend,

This Valentine’s Day, your support means more to us than any box of chocolates ever could**

Your financial support is essential to the work we do; work that seems to matter more and more with each passing day.

As you know, there’s not been much love for media lately. More and more news outlets are closing down or laying off large numbers of staff, while the threat of “fake news” and “alternative facts” loom large on the national and local scene.

At the Emerald, we are actively offering a different model; creating a bright new future for hyper-local media with our voices, our words and our stories. And we rely on your financial support to do so!

In order to cover our current monthly expenses, expand into our new website and maintain a donor database we need to raise $1500/month. Simply put – that’s just 100 people donating $15/month! Can you spare $15/month – or even just $10 – to power the independent, hyper-local media you’ve come to trust and rely on?

Please go to to set up your recurring donation today!

buttonThanks for being our Valentine!

With Love,

Marilee, Marcus & the whole Emerald Team

 **though additional gifts of chocolate are always welcome!


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