Sunday Stew: Gold & Ebony

by Harvey Garvey

(The following poem is dedicated to the memory of Vickie Williams and was read at her funeral on March 11, 2017 at Skyway’s Holy Temple Evangelistic Center)

Complete the introduction move to the intellectual
Fundamental prefunk a convo ‘tween extraterrestrials
Your levels of carbon give you a special glow
Get tangled in these tentacles I’ll never let go

Powered by Kemet comforted by Kush
sliding thru Sudan in a sedan wit an out of town look
Like the Twi from Ghana the Dogon my sponsors
TGA we inscribe Sankofa on our choppers
The forefathers in Morocco, is why they call us Moors ‘RiseUp’ is the motto

In the word factory making expensive statements
UNITEDSTATESofAFRICA; it’s time to run out of patience.
We were given freedom but how we still making payments?
Praying for peace while they’re shooting and building space ships.

Kno the basics, in America WE’RE aboriginals
Our history here didn’t start as slaves to these criminals
for political purposes they altered our identity
knew that was coming; carved them statues to help our memory.
Hella hieroglyphics all Black to be specific.
You know us when you see us: phenotype too terrific.

The Olmecs we came before Christopher, Columbus
And amongst US is where THEY learned life’s literature.
Don’t believe me research the EVE GENE…
The Black woman is God makin it look easy, Vickie…..
February ’52 a legend was born…
The earth got a jewel that once had the heavens adorned x2…

Vickie Williams: Will I am Victoria…
gave her Life for Enrichment now I am victorious…
She’s the oracle, you be Neo, I’m Morpheus…
She was Tubman so that makes us her freed warriors…
She played the background while we were front & center…
Paved a way for an underground railroad of winners…
skin real light but her soul Gold & Ebony…
did Moor for us than Obama and don’t you forget it please…

We owe her blood, sweat, tears even oxygen…
She Enriched our Lives and never the opposite…
Her love & legacy resides in that bookstore…
The Great Ancestor to the sky when we look for her…

PicsArt_01-15-10.58.42Harvey Garvey of TheGarveyArmy is a local poet and spoken word artist
Featured painting courtesy of AJ the Sensei

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