Sunday Stew: Stars Removed From the Sky, And Placed In Buildings

by Kelsey Hamlin 

Hot pink hair on an underground train.

A homeless girl in the street rain.

Somewhere a couple moans together,

through walls that should’ve been insulated better.

Drunken friends stumble outside to see

where their next Uber will be.

A family tries to go to sleep

while others are at work, beat.

The night is endless, and so is Seattle.

Tomorrow is another’s battle.


Kelsey 1Kelsey Hamlin is a reporter with South Seattle Emerald, and interned with the publication this summer. She has worked with various Seattle publications. Currently, Hamlin is a University of Washington student, and the President of the UW Chapter’s Society of Professional Journalists. Hamlin is a journalism major at the University of Washington with interdisciplinary Honors, and a minor in Law, Societies & Justice. Find her on Twitter @ItsKelseyHamlin or see her other work on her website


Featured image is courtesy of Akio Wall


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