Sunday Stew: In Tune With You

by Alvin LA Horn

I love your B sharp

I like your G minor, even when it has an uncertain groove it makes me sing low and slow, and hum to your amplification wanting to be your hip-hop to lift you up when the country and western has you in tears

Your E flat 7th is sometimes erratic in melody, it confuses me, it’s not smooth jazz, it’s not Avant-garde jazz that I do better with, but even then… that long silent space…ah no, I need rhyme, reason and rhythm to dance

Ah yeah your C major, can make me want to get horizontal and vertical with you
Although I want to play your F, I know I rock it and remember every nuance, and we can take it to the bridge and vamp as one, to dance the dance… but your C clef needs to meet my Bass clef in the middle so we can orchestrate more effective collaboration

I would love to have to your A augmented 9th walk the blues away

Then I could enjoy the flow of your B sharp 6th’s 7th’s and 9th’s

Then I can play all your notes and funk you to spread out into being in harmony with my soul

AlvinAlvin L.A. Horn is a multi-award winning bestselling author and spoken word artist. He currently resides in the Rainier Valley area.