Sunday Stew: Little Brooklyn (on McClellan)

by Mike Leitner

Rainier Avenue South South Ferdinand
Northwest corner Eastside of Martin
Luther King Junior Way South of South
Alaska sits a space in time and spaces

Little strips of Park Avenue cut Eastern
Madison folks off at the pass above 23rd
Avenue South up on the pedestrian bridge
Where signs hang hung by worker bodies

Doors open easily here to see who’s insides
Come out for sale or otherwise given forth
Like vomit next to Lottie’s or Panda on walls
Or strings of shoes strung wrapped in wires

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls alike
Take the train to school and afterschool
Programmed cellphones slipped so coolly
Into tightskin legging or beaded headscarf

Seek truth in Nelson’s knowing brush back
Hair that Emanate’s spray strokes fence
Have a snobby rooftop moment pulling plug
Lightning signals source unto this garden

Bro in the hoopdy don’t mind shit niggas
He playing in a game don’t nobody wins
Cold cockin that little Jews joint rockin
Planes overhead home zombie actin dead

Dodger town never knew what they killed
58 or 59 doesn’t matter all that cheap beer
Swallowed up in Angie’s singing throats
Go ahead and tear them native trees down

Put uppity shut uppity shoot uppity pop
Bottom of the lake Washington bought
Paid in greasy skids washed in dirty jeans
Walk down our southern streets Seattle

Boot all your inherited privileged produce
To the curb lest it rot in rat ridden walls
Kick all your heavenly heroin heavy habits
Lay down bass tacks under diamond needle


Featured image: Original artwork by Shannan Mary Leitner
(pen, pencil, watercolor)

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  1. I am moved by this and can’t wait to hear more from you. Thoughtful and observant, you are a true author of things. You clearly speak with an eye for detail and know and love your surroundig community/s.

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