Sunday Stew: Revolutionary

by Rell Be Free

Right fist in the sky – Revolutionary
Black Lives, Black Pride – Revolutionary
Love Yourself for Yourself – Revolutionary
Your worth aint your wealth – Revolutionary

I think I’m John Carlos, I think I’m Malcolm X
Reppin on the podium, wonder if I’m next
Cuz I’m goin for the crown or I’m going deaf
If I couldn’t do it right then I’m going left
I’m never trippin on this road less paved
pushin past the path comin out unscathed
But everybody got some scars, sum it up to the game
The trauma gave me some bars, I’m getting rid of the chains, huh
I think I’m 2pac with a Pops and a college degree
I think I’m Cassius graduating to Muhammed Ali
If you aint listenin you bouta be a Liston then
Say my name, say my name “Rell Be Free”
Black Lives, Black Pride – Revolutionary
White cops conditioned to think that niggas scary
And Black folx conditioned to think that cops are hate
We got the relevant evidence on the news at 8
I think I’m Kobe Bryant, I’m a volume shooter
I’m a King with a Dream, think I’m Martin Luther
Check the thesis, this the cleanest exegesis
seekin Peace despite the beef until I’m standing next to Jesus
Radical Love, yeah, that’s Revolutionary
I get the spirit from inside this fragile heart in my chest
Drippin blood, sweat and tears til there aint nothin left
That’s Revolutionary