Sunday Stew: I See You America

by Alvin “LA” Horn

I’m Black
Woke up Black
If I live to lie down I’ll go to sleep Black
When I drive down the street I’ll be Black,
And when I sit down for drink and expect good service, I’ll be Black
When I go for a job opportunity I’ll be Black
When I’m enjoying Black life, and how I have to live, Ill be Black and conscious of my surroundings

And when I’m pulled over by the police, I’ll be super dangerous Black
Even if I live through the encounter, I’ll walk away still Black and stunned one way or another

Here comes the run on sentence like blood running down the street long and thick:

Sad America … White America what the f*** is wrong with your consciousness are you so stuck in superiority complexes that the murder of Black men from people who are trained by your taxes and licensed to carry a gun and a badge who are only supposed to keep the law, but don’t keep the law they break the law as they kill Black men from babies to the old… the most innocent
where’s your conscience white America why won’t you speak up and do-up change, why do you ignore… I know Black life’s don’t really matter to you.

Sad America … white America what the f*** is wrong with your consciousness?
The murder of a Black man from the police who should not be the judge jury and the hangman or Lyncher
How do you go to sleep?

Got A Black-Eye
Not from a punch … even though we in a fight
And no damn door knob … even though I have seen more damn closed doors and tight asses than a gated community has fake smiles
Got a black-eye
Born with it
Living in America
I see through a Black-Eye
I speak with a Black mind and mouth
I make no excuse to not to conform and accept the status quo
I’m relevant to my period in time
Looking through my Black-Eye
I see you

AlvinAlvin L.A. Horn is a multi-award winning bestselling author and spoken word artist. He currently resides in the Rainier Valley area. 

This file is attributed to Infrogmation under a Creative Commons 2.0 license

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